Cairo , Egypt

Abu Al Khair Al Kulaibati Mosque

This corner is located on the street called Abu Al-Khair Al-Kulaibati, which is branched from Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Street in Al-Gamaliya in Cairo.

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Abu Al-Khair Al-Kulaibati Mosque or the Abu Al-Khair Al-Kulaibati Corner. It was built during the reign of the Fatimid Caliph al-Zahir. It was established in 927 and there is a shrine near it.

The interior corner architecture begins with a simple cloak covered by a modern wooden ceiling free of decorations.
The floor was covered with stone tiles. Its southwestern side is a straightened wall, while its northern side has a modern toilet.
This darkening leads to a heavenly corridor on the right of which is part of a collapsed wall on which is the remains of a wooden roof, and on the left of it is a pointed quadrilateral arch consisting of two overlapping planes, the second of which bounces off the first.
Below his feet is a wooden loincloth free of decorations and writings. Following this arch is a square area covered by a shallow dome devoid of decoration, resting on four stone arches, with the exception of the arch on the southeast side, which consists of three overlapping recessed naves that open onto a small qibla iwan whose floor is covered with stone slabs and covered with a roof that is a half barrel vault. Its south-eastern side is a composite candelilla window consisting of three vaulted rectangular apertures surmounted by circular moonlights.
On its northeastern and southwestern sides are several small rectangular entrances.

In the floor of this iwan there is a wooden structure above the burial fountain.
As for the southwestern side of the dome, it leads to an irregularly shaped space with a ceiling made of wooden veins, the floor of which is covered with stone slabs. On its northeastern side is a pointed quadrilateral arch consisting of three overlapping grooves, with an unadorned wooden loincloth under its legs.


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