Istanbul , Turkey

Al Fateh Mosque

Al-Fateh Mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the Fatih district, which bears the name Fatih Istanbul

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Al-Fatih Mosque (Turkish: Fatih Camii) is a mosque built during the era of the Ottoman Empire, located in the Fatih district of the Turkish city of Istanbul, and is a great example of Turkish Islamic architecture in Istanbul, and represents an important stage in the development of ancient Turkish architecture. This mosque was named According to Sultan Muhammad alfateh,
The Ottoman Sultan who conquered Constantinople in 1453.

Al-Fateh Mosque is a religious and social building at the same time, its size and structure are unparalleled, and it was built between 1463 and 1470 by order of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, on the site of an old Byzantine church that had been destroyed and vandalized since the Fourth Crusade, and it was not the Muslims who destroyed it. This mosque was built by the architect (Atik Sinan) (in Turkish: Atik Sinan).

There is a group of buildings built around the Al-Fateh Mosque with good planning. These buildings include: 8 schools, a library, a hospital, a hostel for travelers, a caravansera (a house for travelers), a market, a public bath, an elementary school, and a public kitchen that used to provide food for the poor, and many were added around it. From the graves or shrines later. The original building was built in the form of an almost square, with a side length of about 325 meters, extending along the Golden Horn area.


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