Giza , Egypt

Al Hosary Mosque

located in the Seventh District of Sixth of October City in Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Al-Hosary Mosque is a mosque located in the Seventh District in the Sixth of October City in Giza Governorate, Egypt. It gained its fame from its location and ingenuity of design. Its location is in the seventh district, which is the center of the city, due to the presence of universities, institutes and companies. It is considered the largest mosque in the city.
It is affiliated with the Sheikh Al-Hosary Association for Religious and Social Services, which is headed by Mrs. Yasmine Al-Hosary, daughter of the late Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary.

The mosque was named by this name in honor of the famous reciter Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary.

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