Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

Al-Mimar Mosque

It is located in historical Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Al-Mimar Mosque, one of the historical mosques of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mosque is located on Al-Alawi Street to the west in Mahalla. It is now in good condition and prayers are held in it. It has its own endowments. The mosque ranks second in the map of historical mosques after Al-Shafi’i Mosque.

Despite the different historical sources in the old books that talked about the history of building the mosque, it was said that its construction was done by one of the governors, called Mustafa Mimar Pasha, which says that it was built in 1240 AH according to what is inscribed on a stone in it, and poetic verses were written on it in the language Al-Turkiyya talks about the mosque’s architecture and builder, and its land is five degrees higher than the surface of the street, and it has two gates, a southern door and a northern door, and next to it are shops belonging to the endowments, and the mosque is considered affiliated to the endowment administration in Jeddah.

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