Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

Hanafi mosque

It is located in the old city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The Hanafi Mosque is located in Harat Al-Sham, and its construction dates back to the year 1320 AH. It is the largest mosque in old Jeddah and has been maintained several times. One of the most famous imams of the mosque is Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ali Basibreen.

The Hanafi mosque has one minaret built of stone, where in the city of Jeddah, stone was the dominant material in building pulpits, and the pulpits took the octagonal shape, and most mosques in Jeddah contain only one minaret, and it is often divided into three sections, the lower part of each of which has inscriptions It is noticeable on the pulpits of mosques in the old city of Jeddah, all of which are located in the southwestern corner of the mosques, as well as the Hanafi Mosque.

The courtyard of the Hanafi Mosque can accommodate about two thousand worshipers, and the number of worshipers increases during the holy month of Ramadan to perform Tarawih prayers.

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