Cairo , Egypt

Imam Hussein Mosque

located near the Khan al-Khalili district in the Hussein district

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The Imam Hussein Mosque is an old mosque in Cairo, Egypt, near the Khan al-Khalili district in the Hussein district. Al-Hussein Mosque is one of the most important Islamic holy places in Cairo. It was built during the Fatimid Caliphate era in 1154. The mosque contains many important holdings such as the oldest copy of the Holy Qur’an
The mosque was built during the Fatimid era in the year 549 AH corresponding to the year 1154 AD under the supervision of the Minister Al-Salih Tala’i. The mosque includes 3 doors built of white marble overlooking Khan Al-Khalili, and another door next to the dome known as the Green Gate
The mosque was called by this name due to the people’s belief that the head of Imam Hussein was buried there, as many narrations say that with the beginning of the Crusades, the ruler of Egypt, the Fatimid Caliph, was afraid of the harm that might befall it in its first place in the city of Ashkelon in Palestine, so he sent asking for the arrival of The head was brought to Egypt, and the honorable head was carried to Egypt and was buried in its current place, and the mosque was built over it
Al-Husseini Mosque is built of red stone in the Gothic style, while its minaret is built in the style of Ottoman minarets. It is cylindrical in shape and has two turns and ends with a cone. The scene has three doors on the western side, one on the tribal side, and another on the sea side that leads to a courtyard where ablution is located.

The mosque includes five rows of arches carried on marble columns, and its mihrab is made of fine scrap, whose small pieces were made of colored tiles instead of marble. 1893 AD, where the prophetic relics were deposited.

And inside the mosque, the largest chandeliers in the Arab world, which weighs five tons, is made of crystal, which is made of pure gold, and its legs are of pure silver.

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