Cairo , Egypt

Mosque of Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab

The Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab Mosque is located in Al-Azhar Square, across from the entrance to Al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.

The Mosque and School of Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab or the Abu al-Dhahab Complex . This mosque is located in front of Al-Azhar Mosque.
It was started by Prince Muhammad Abu al-Dahab in the year 1187 AH - 1703 AD, and Abu al-Dhahab was a follower of Ali Bey the Great, one of the princes of Egypt.
And his greatness in a short time until he was alone in the Emirate of Egypt.

The Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab Mosque is distinguished by its unique minaret, which is located at the end of the southern avenue
It is a minaret consisting of three floors ending with five heads, which is very similar to the minaret of the Qansuh al-Ghouri Mosque.

The mosque has three doors that access the three corridors surrounding its three sides, which are covered by domes carried on arches resting on stone shoulders and marble columns, as is the case in the Sinan Pasha Mosque.
Adjoining this compartment is another compartment with a bookcase. In the western tribal corner there is a tall minaret built square, with two turns and ends at the top with five heads in the shape of a zala, which in this shape is considered unique among the Turkish minarets, and Abu al-Dhahab attached to his mosque from the western side a hospice and a basin for watering animals and a way.

This mosque was built in 1188 AH - 1774 AD by Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab. It was used in the beginning as a school that helps in accommodating the increasing numbers of students coming to Al-Azhar. It is the fourth mosque built in the Ottoman era (Sariat al-Jabal Mosque in the Citadel - Sinan Pasha Mosque in Bulaq - Queen Safiya Mosque in Dawoudia).



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