Cairo , Egypt

Prince Khayyir Bey Mosque and School

Khayyir Bey School is located in the Bab al-Wazir district, south of Cairo, next to the Cairo wall,.

Prince Khayyir Bey Mosque was established in the year 908 AH / 1502 AD by Prince Khayyir Bey, one of the Circassian Mamluk princes.

The external view of the mosque consists of the beautiful dome with a surface decorated with vegetal decorations, the minaret that lost its top at an unknown time, the arched entrance covered by a garland, then the avenue located at the northern end of the destination.

All of them are a harmonious group that is distinguished by not being built on one line, which increases the beauty of its composition.

Khayyir Bey School is located in the Bab al-Wazir district, south of Al-Mu'izzah Cairo, next to the Cairo wall that was erected in the Ayyubid period (572 AH / 1176 AD), which is located to the southeast of the school.
As for the southwestern side of it, it is occupied by the palace of Prince Alin Aq, which was built (693 AH / 1293 AD). On the northeastern side of the madrasa is the Aq Sanqur Mosque, which was built (747 AH / 1347 AD).

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