Cairo , Egypt

Prince Qayson mosque

It is currently located on Muhammad Ali Street in the castle.

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The Prince Qaisoun Mosque was built by the great Prince Seif al-Din Qaisoun al-Saqi al-Nasiri in the year 730 AH - 1330 AD outside Bab Zuweila, and it was opened for prayer by Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun. It is currently located on Muhammad Ali Street in the castle.

Qaisun came to Egypt from the country of Berkad in Bukhara with Khund, the daughter of Uzbek, who was married by al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun in the year 720 AH / 1320 AD, and Sultan al-Nasir liked him, so he bought him, and he gained favor with him and reached the highest ranks in the royal palace. The Sultan summoned his family to Egypt, and married his sister as he married Qaisoun sister of the Sultan in the year 1327 AD. During the rule of Sultan Kajk bin Al-Nasir, he assumed the position of the Sultan in Egypt. In the year 1342 AD, during the reign of Sultan Ahmed bin Al-Nasir, senior princes enviously conspired against him, and he was arrested and imprisoned in Alexandria until he died.

Only the northern door remains of the original Qaisoun Mosque
And many stucco windows, decorations and inscriptions that record the date of construction of the mosque and the name of the builder. On the left shoulder of the door is a sundial bearing the name of its maker, Ahmad al-Hariri, and the date of its manufacture in 785 AH (1383 AD). 2. The mosque was renewed and its courtyard and arcades were rebuilt in 1893 during the reign of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, and the current courtyard is covered with a dome of wood.
Ali Mubarak mentioned in the plans that a large part of the Qaisoun Mosque was taken when Muhammad Ali Street was opened, including the waterwheel and the minaret. Ali Mubarak developed a plan to renovate the mosque and rebuild what had been destroyed when he was Minister of Endowments. The renovation work was not completed until 1893 AD.

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