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Prayer Times and Athan

Prayer Now allows you easily access prayer times in any country or city through the GPS or local Database. Also, through the Athan, enjoy the sound of the call to prayer for the most famous voices such as: Mishary Rashid - Al-Naqshabadi - Saad Al-Ghamdi .. and many more.

Muslim Azkar

With Prayer Now you can read daily Azkar like ( Morning Azkar, Evening Azkar, Before Sleep Azkar, Prayer Azkar).

Holy Quran

Complete the Holy Quran in a professional way by making bookmarks and searching for verse and interpretation, in many languages. You can also listen to the most famous reciters such as Al-Hosary, Ahmed Al-Ajmi, Al-Minshawi, and Saad Al-Ghamdi..and many more.

Islamic Library

Prayer Now gives you access to enjoy a comprehensive Islamic online library for a wide range of books from heritage and contemporary Islam.

Quran Zikr Community

With Prayer Now, join Zikr Quran Community, contribute to the seal of the Holy Qur’an with Muslims around the world, and know when the khatma will end.

Prayers Community

Prayer Now allows you to join the community of prayers with millions of Muslims around the world and leave a pray to those you love, and wait for Muslims to respond to your prayers in various parts of the world.

Spreading All Over The World.

Thanks to Allah and your trust we have successfully reached a vast great audience allover the world, and still progressing.


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Prayer Now Gains Trust of 15 Million Users.

Prayer Now is an integrated Islamic smart app that has all the daily needs of every Muslim, such as the Athan, Prayer Times, Reading The Qur’an, Finding Qiblah and Remembrances, Downloading And Listening to the Holy Qur’an, Greeting Cards, sharing the Khatma with Muslims around the world, and much more features and updates.

Get To Know Prayer Now

Prayer Now is an innovative Islamic app that aims to enrich the use of technology to meet all the daily needs of every Muslim. The app serves millions of users around the world with updates and advantages that keep pace with the digital community and all ages. Prayer Now team works passionately on the quality of the application and keenness to spread in all digital channels to serve the Islamic nation worldwide. We maintain the slogan of Prayer Now to be always the first companion for every Muslim.

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Yes, most of the features of the application are free and available to Muslims all over the world, as the application is supported by advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, and others. Any user can upgrade through the store to permanently get rid of ads and gain some distinctive features in the premium version of the application.

The application supports all calculation methods applied in the Islamic world, such as Umm Al-Qura University, the Muslim World League, the Egyptian General Survey Authority, the University of Islamic Sciences in Karachi, the Islamic Society of North America, the Federation of Islamic Organizations in France, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait, and others.

To upgrade to the premium version and get rid of ads, you can upgrade from within the app via the App Store or Google Play.

Yes, you can delete your personal profile data forever, also you can use Prayer Now App without login.

Yes, you can read, play, and also download Holy Quran easily.