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Prayer Now is an innovative Islamic app that aims to enrich the use of technology to meet all the daily needs of every Muslim. The app serves millions of users around the world with updates and advantages that keep pace with the digital community and all ages. Prayer Now team works passionately on the quality of the application and keenness to spread in all digital channels to serve the Islamic nation worldwide. We maintain the slogan of Prayer Now to be always the first companion for every Muslim.


Prayer Now aspires to reach and maintain to be the first companion of every Muslim, by being the most widely used app for Muslims in the Islamic world.


Prayer Now team passionately offers an innovative and integrated Islamic application with continuous updates that keep pace with the needs and satisfaction of every Muslim.

Prayer Now Gains Trust of 15 Million Users.

Prayer Now is an integrated Islamic smart app that has all the daily needs of every Muslim, such as the Athan, Prayer Times, Reading The Qur’an, Finding Qiblah and Remembrances, Downloading And Listening to the Holy Qur’an, Greeting Cards, sharing the Khatma with Muslims around the world, and much more features and updates.

Spreading All Over The World.

Thanks to Allah and your trust we have successfully reached a vast great audience allover the world, and still progressing.


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