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New Azan screen

A wonderful new screen for ِAzan has been added with a new set of landscapes, mosques and the Kaaba


Azkar screen new version

A new screen has been added for Azkar, which alerts users of Azkar with a wonderful screen of landscapes


Add a Duaa in Duaa community

Duaa community feature allows users to add Duaa ,Prayers are met by users from all over the world


Duaa Community

Prayer Now application is characterized by the feature of Duaa community , as it allows users to publish Duaa and request Duaa from other users  


User profile

A new feature has been added recently, which is displaying the user’s profile within Prayer Now application


Quran in all languages

Prayer Now application has a very important feature, which is the explanation of the Qur’an in all languages


Get the premium version for free for a whole year ✌️

Now you can get the premium version of Prayer Now for free for a whole year with ease.


Mesa7raty Feature

The “Masa7araty” feature is one of the wonderful and important features in the application


Iftar Cannon feature

A very special feature is the “Iftar cannon” feature.  


Ramadan Schedule

  The application contains a special list for the holy month of Ramadan, which contains (Ramadan Schedule - Iftar cannon - Al-Masaharati)  


Reminder of the sunrise and Qyam lel

One of the very important features of the application is the feature of reminding the time of sunrise and Qyam allel  


“Feature of “Reminder to read Surat Al-Kahf

One of the wonderful features of the application on Friday is the feature of alerting and reminding you to read Surat Al-Kahf


Floating Azkar feature

The Prayer Now application is distinguished by a very wonderful feature, which is the floating Azkar feature which “Azkar, supplications and praises” are displayed to the user while using the phone through it


Muslim’s Azkar Feature in Prayer Now

Prayer Now application includes a wonderful feature,  the feature of Muslim’s azkar The Application show all the important Azkar that a Muslim needs in his daily life like (morning azkar – evening azkar – prayer azkar – various azkar such as supplications for wearing clothes, supplications for distress, supplications for worry and sadness, supplications for […]


HUAWEI Watch Integration

Prayer Now allows you to seamlessly integrate with Huawei Watch to easily find prayer times on your watch app.

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