Cairo , Egypt

Al-Baredini Mosque

This mosque is located in Daoudia, close to the Queen Safia Mosque

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Al-Baredini Mosque, built by Karim Al-Din Al-Baredini in the year 1025 AH ~ 1616 AD. It is built of stone and has two western sides, consisting of the entrance to its right, the minaret established in the year 1038 AH ~ 1629 AD.

Although this mosque was established in the Ottoman era, it retained the Mamluk character. Its lighthouse is a Mamluk style full of decorations and inscriptions. Elements of the Circassian Mamluk state were gathered in its interior decorative details. Despite its infancy, it contained many masterpieces of art. Its mihrab is covered with beautiful colored marble and its marble skirt. Its walls are covered with stucco windows decorated with stained glass, all of which speak of consistency, accuracy and creativity. As for its wooden ceiling, with its gilded carvings, it is considered one of the most beautiful and most magnificent ceilings of ancient mosques.



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