Sharm El-Shaikh , Egypt

Al-Mustafa Mosque

It is located in Al-Nour district, Sharm El-Sheikh district

Mosque Images

Al-Mustafa Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Sharm El-Sheikh. It was inaugurated on October 26, 2007 to become one of the city's tourist attractions, at a cost of 17 million Egyptian pounds, collected through donations to the Ahbab Al-Mustafa Association in Sharm El-Sheikh, in addition to government funding. The area of ​​the mosque is 27 thousand meters, its height is 12 meters, the height of its minarets is 71 meters, and its dome is 31 meters high. Its garden includes 143 palm trees, 85 fruit trees, and 10 ornamental palms. The mosque has 30 concrete lighting poles and 49 iron lighting poles, and it contains 31 toilets, and inside it accommodates about 3,000 worshipers. And 1000 worshipers in the Quba area attached to it.

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