Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi Mosque is located in the Al-Jazeera neighborhood, east of Riyadh, on the Eastern Ring Road, Exit 15.

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Al Rajhi Grand Mosque is a very well recognized landmark of Riyadh. Built by the donation of Al Rajhi family, it serves not just a place of worship for Muslims, but also a meeting place for community for social events like Eids and large community gatherings. The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Riyadh and considered as an architectural marvel and one of the most significant Islamic institutions in the city. It is important to note that entry to the mosque is limited to those of the Muslim faith only. This fact should not eliminate the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque from your list of places to see when in Riyadh. The building itself is beautiful and very picturesque. The mosque holds two libraries, forensic science courses, an automated utilities system, an 18,000-person capacity men's hall and a 2,500-person capacity for women.


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