Madina , Saudi Arabia

Bani Haritha Mosque

It is located in Medina

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The Mosque of Bani Haritha, or Al-Mustarah Mosque, is a mosque located in Medina, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mosque is located on the northwestern side of the Prophet’s Mosque, about 2500 meters away from it on Sayed Al Shuhada Road. It was called the resting place because the Prophet of Islam Muhammad took a rest during his return from the Battle of Uhud, as it is called the Bani Haritha Mosque because it was located in their homes. The word “rested” means resting place. The place is of strategic importance for the defense of the city, as the starting point for the trench was dug. And from him also the army of Muawiyah and its leader, Muslim bin Uqbah Al-Marri, entered Medina.


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