Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

Bin Laden Mosque

It is located on Wadi Mushayt Street in Al-Amariya district, Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia.

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Bin Laden Mosque is the fourth design study in a series of small mosques in Jeddah. The design concept was based on the study of Sinan's architecture. Mimar Sinan conducted several experiments on the possibilities of covering the roof of the prayer hall with a huge dome. The main innovation was to place the dome on a hexagonal base, resting on four of its sides on half-domes in the form of diagonal arches. This enabled him to expand the square into a rectangular space. This solution resulted in an interesting flow of progressive space which made the re-concept worthwhile within this scheme

The unique structural feature of the hexagonal dome makes this small mosque a useful and challenging experiment in brickwork techniques. The extension of the main dome is seven meters, while the extension of all four halves of the dome is 3.5 meters.

Bin Laden Mosque designed by the architect Abdul Wahed Al-Wakil.

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