Madina , Saudi Arabia

Ghamama Mosque

Al-Ghamama Mosque is located on the southwestern side of the Prophet’s Mosque, 500 meters from Bab Al-Salam.

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Mosque of al-Ghamamah is one of the oldest mosques in Medina, Saudi Arabia, located in the place believed to be where the prophet Muhammad performed an Eid prayer in the year 631 CE. According to the Hadith tradition , once the people of Medina complained to prophet Muhammad on the lack of water and rain fall and their hardships in consequence. At the moment prophet was at the Masjid e Nabavi, he rose and emerged from the mosque and offered "Salat ul-Istisqaa" at this approximate location. As he prayed the clouds started to gather and rain fell.

The facade and the main entrance to the mosque. The word "Ghamama" means cloud in arabic. It is situated near abi Bakr Mosque. This Masjid is in right front corner of Masjid al-Nabawi some 300 meters away from current

It is also narrated that Prophet Muhammad offered Salat ul-Istasqa (nafil prayer for the rains) when the city of Madina faced a shortage of rain. The site was also, according to the tradition, used for the Eid prayers, possibly becasuse the enclosed space of the nearby Masjid Nabawi might not have sufficed for the larger crowds gathering at the festive events.gate to courtyard of the Masjid.

It is also reported that at this place the Prophet Muhammad offered Janazah of Najashi, the king of Abasynia. He was Christian but welcomed the groups of the Muslims who had migrated to Habasha in order to escape the persecution of the Quraish. He gave warm welcome to the Muslim delegation and offered complete protection. Later on he embraced Islam after observing the Muslims. When he passed away there was no one who could lead his Janazah, so the Prophet prayed his funeral prayers, the only time ever, in the absence of the actual body.

Initially a small make-shift mosque-structure was built here by second caliph of Islam Umer ibn Khattab.

The first notable structure of the mosque was built during the reign of the Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, also known as the Umar II, between the hijri calendar of 86 to 93. This mosque fell in to disuse and was left to ruin.

Then again it was renovated by the Sultan Hasan bin Muhammad bin Qalawan al-Shalihi in 1340 CE during the Sharifate-era of Mecca. It was expanded and reconstructed again by the Sharif Saifuddin Inal al-Ala'i in 1622, and the time of the Sultan Abd-ul-Mejid I in 1859 during the Ottoman era, using new tools and the look resembled more or less the shape of today.

During the Ottoman era the mosque was was renovated during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed al-Uthmani

King Fahad bin Abdul Azeez al-Saud extensively had the Ottoman era structure renovated, preserving most of its previous architectural styles, including minaret.


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