Trabzon , Turkey

Iskandar Pasha Mosque

It is located opposite Kanlıca Ferry Terminal in a small square in Kanlıca district of Beykoz district.

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The Iskandar Pasha Mosque is a 16th-century Ottoman mosque in Trabzon, Turkey.

The religious schools in the courtyard of the mosque no longer exist, and the old cemetery in the west has been removed, leaving only the tomb of Iskandar Pasha. A number of extensions were carried out at different times and this along with restorations, has destroyed the originality of the mosque, however the mosque is of the highest quality. The minaret of the mosque is distinguished by the arrangement of cycles of colored brick and stone. The main square of the mosque is similar to the square of the Green Mosque in Iznik. And there is an inscription on the door indicating that the mosque was built in 1559, and another inscription informing us that the restorations that gave the mosque its current shape were carried out in 1882.

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