Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

King Saud Mosque

It is located in the city center of Jeddah.

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The King Saud Mosque is located in the center of Jeddah, in the Al-Balad (Al-Sharafiya) region, on an area of ​​9700 square meters. It is the largest mosque in the city, with a capacity of five thousand worshipers. The King Saud Mosque project in Jeddah is one of the projects of the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

The mosque consists of massive walls and arches. The pillars that bear the weight of the dome of the King Saud Mosque in Jeddah, which rises to 140 meters, are made of solid bricks with a width of six meters. The many buildings erected by the agent are moving at a faster pace towards completion than modern buildings.

Whereas an ordinary cast concrete slab needs between two and three weeks to set before the temporary construction can be safely removed, the wooden formwork for the massive cylindrical arches built by the agent is removed 24 hours after the brick queue. One or two skilled workers can complete the construction of brick domes within 5-10 days without using any moulds. The bricks are arranged one ring upon another by a simple wooden pole that rotates around a central guide pin.

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