Cairo , Egypt

Mahmoudiya Mosque

This mosque is located in Muhammad Ali Square

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This mosque is located in Muhammad Ali Square to the left of the ascender from it to the citadel. It was built by Mahmoud Pasha and to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire in the year (975 AH) ~ (1567 AD).

It has two opposite entrances, one in the middle of the northern direction and the other in the middle of the southern direction, and it reaches each of them by a few steps.
It is empty on its four sides and is built higher than the road level, with two rows of windows surmounted by muqarnas and crowned by leafy balconies.
Its cylindrical minaret is decorated with prominent vertical lines and has a single cycle consisting of muqarnas with multiple stations and covered with a conical obelisk in the style of minarets in the Ottoman style.
It is based on a cylindrical base like it is located in the southeast corner of the mosque, like its counterpart in the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

All the ceilings of the mosque are made of wood carved with beautiful, colorful and gilded decorations, surrounded by a wrapper inscribed with Quranic verses, the name of the builder, and the date of construction in 975 AH.
The walls of the mosque are sweetened from the inside by hollow plaster windows filled with colored glass.
The repair work in this mosque continued, the last of which was the order of His Majesty King Farouk I to strengthen its contracts and repair its roof. This was done in the year 1940 AD.

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