Istanbul , Turkey

Nusretiye Mosque

located in Tophane district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey.

Nusretiye Mosque is an ornate mosque located in Tophane district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in 1823–1826 by Sultan Mahmut II.

The mosque was commissioned by Mahmud II and built between 1822 and 1826 in the Tophane neighbourhood. Its name commemorates the "victory" which Mahmud II won by destroying the Janissaries in 1826, the year of the mosque's completion. Mahmud II also built a new artillery barracks and parade ground near the mosque at the same time, replacing the barracks which had been built on this site by his predecessor Selim III and which had been recently destroyed by the Janissaries. This continued Tophane's association with the age of reforms initiated by Selim III.

Sometime between 1835 and 1839 Mahmud II erected what is now the oldest clock tower in Istanbul, the Tophane Clock Tower, near the mosque. The tower was rebuilt in more monumental form by Abdülmecit in 1848 or 1849.

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