Cairo , Egypt

Qani Bay Muhammadi Mosque

It is located on Saliba Street

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Qani Bey Al-Mohammadi Mosque is one of the ancient mosques in Cairo. It is located on Saliba Street, next to the mosque and Khanaqah of Prince Sheikhoun. It was established in 816 AH / 1413 AD.

Prince Qani Bey al-Muhammadi bought it by Sultan al-Zahir Barquq from a merchant named Muhammad, who was attributed to him and nicknamed al-Muhammadi. He worked in the service of Sultan Barquq, then in the service of Sheikh al-Mahmoudi, deputy of the Levant, and appointed a senior Daoudar in the Sultanate of Prince Faraj bin Barquq. Special files.” Then he was appointed deputy of the Levant during the reign of Sultan Al-Mu'ayyad Sheikh, and he was killed among the princes of Al-Sham who revolted against Sultan Al-Mu'ayyad and was buried in Damascus.

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