Istanbul , Turkey

Yeni Valide Mosque

It is located in Uskudar, Istanbul

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The Yeni Valide Mosque (Turkish: Yeni Valide Camii) is an 18th-century Ottoman mosque in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Construction of the Yeni Valide mosque in Üsküdar began in 1708 and was completed in 1710. It was built for sultan Ahmed III in honour of his mother Emetullah Râbi'a Gülnûş Sultan. The complex consists of an imaret (hospice), arasta, primary school, the tomb of Emetullah Râbi'a Gülnûş Sultan, a courtyard shadirvan (fountain), a muvakkithane (clock tower) and offices. The building is typical of the Classical Ottoman period and of the "Sinan School" of Ottoman religious architecture. It is located in the Üsküdar neighborhood of Istanbul. The main part of the building is square-shaped and covered with a flattened main dome and four half domes. The mosque has two minarets with two balconies each. Calligraphy inside the mosque is the work of Hezarfen Mehmet Efendi.


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