Cairo , Egypt

Zawiyyat Sadat al-Malikiyah

It is located in the Qarafa of Sayeda Nafisa

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Zawiyyat al-Sadat al-Malikiyah, is one of the mosques established during the era of the Ayyubid state in Egypt, located in Qarafa al-Sayyida Nafisa. Then Sheikh Yahya Al-Shawi renewed it, and rebuilt it after that in the year 1181 AD.

It consists of a long rectangle with a length of 60 meters and a width of 12 meters, surrounded by a high wall built of carved stone, and topped by beautiful balconies. On the western side, there is the main entrance to the corner, and it consists of a large, high arch, which ends with another small arch that forms a beautiful decorative shape. This contract is followed by 75 on both sides of it. This door leads to the corner patio. The area of the patio is almost half the area of the corner. It is 30.5 meters long by 10.5 meters wide. Half of the courtyard is open, and the other is covered, with basins and toilets for ablution on both sides. On the southern side of the courtyard, there is a wooden staircase that leads to rooms resembling Sufi cells, and it is likely that they were added in the 19th century AD.

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