God Provides For Whom He Wills Without Reckoning

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{And God provides for whom He wills without reckoning}

  Allah, Glory be to Him, created the creatures and ensured their provision. Among His Names, Glory be to Him, is the Provider. And the Qur’anic verses indicating that are many and abundant, from which we take the saying of the Almighty: {And God provides for whom He wills without reckoning} (Al-Baqarah: 212). We stand in these lines with this verse the following pauses:

First stop:

Glory be to Him, He informs that He brings His sustenance to whomever He wills of His creation, without counting or numbering, for which His servant will be called to account. Because he is glorified, his drive to him does not diminish his treasures, and his giving of him does not increase, and his accountability for him in his possession, and what he has is something, and the knowledge of what he provides is not deprived of him, but he is held accountable who gives what he gives, and he fears the decrease of his property, and the entry of exhaustion on him, by the exit of what He went out from him without a known account, for He, Glory be to Him, is not afraid of running out of His treasuries, until he needs to account for what comes out of them; The account of the giver is only to know the amount of giving that goes out of his possession to others, so that he does not exceed in his gifts to what he is unfair.

Second stop:

In the verse, there is information about His kindness, Glory be to Him, to His creation in His provision of them to the last of them, not forgetting any of them, whether in his provision the righteous or the ungodly, as the Almighty said: {And there is no animal on earth except that God has its sustenance} (Hud: 6).   And it has many analogues; God Almighty gives in the world to whom He wills without that informing that the given is right, invalid, good, or offensive, and that is related to His will, Glory be to Him. The enjoyment of the world for some and not for others on the fact that the first ones are right, and the others are invalid, rather the infidel may be expanded upon by an increase in temptation and protest, and the believer may be narrowed down by an increase in affliction and testing.  

The third stop:

God Almighty is {The Sustainer of the Strong Strength} (Al-Dhariyat: 58) He gives to whomever he wills, and withholds to whomever he wills, and no one will hold him accountable, and his giving is not evidence of his consent; He may give the unbeliever, and he is not satisfied with him, As the Almighty said: {And were it not for the people to be one nation, we would have made for those who disbelieve in the Most Merciful, roofs of silver and ascends for them to appear} (Al-Zukhruf: 33). God provides for whomever He wills in this world, be it a disbeliever and a believer without an account that anyone has against him, no claim, no liability, and no question asked. And that the believer should not say: If the unbeliever is a nullifier, then why has it been expanded upon in this world? Rather, the objection is invalid, and the matter is His command, and the judgment is His judgment, glory be to Him. {He is not asked about what he does while they are asked} (Al-Anbiya: 23).  

Fourth stop:

God provides for whomever He wills of His servants, and He forbids whom He wills, and in favoring some with money is wisdom. to need some, As the Almighty said: {So that they take one another as a mockery} (Al-Zukhruf: 32). This was a kindness from Him, Glory be to Him, to His servants. And also, to test the rich for the poor, and the poor for the rich, As the Almighty said: {And We have made some of you a trial for others. Will you be patient?} (Al-Furqan: 20) It would be His Majesty to expand on those who wanted to expand them in the world. And if it extends to anyone in this world, then that is a test. To extract the gratitude of the believer, and to lure the unbeliever, and if someone is distressed in this world, if he is an unbeliever, then perhaps he will return, and if he is a believer, let him test his patience, and let his servants know that the expansion of sustenance is not inherent in dignity, and that narrowness in it is not associated with humiliation.  

Fifth stop:

(Rizq) everything that benefits from it; Everything that a servant benefits from is sustenance, and sustenance is not limited to (money). Everything whose scope of benefit is included in sustenance: knowledge is sustenance, morality is sustenance, and prestige is sustenance… In the story of al-Khidr, peace be upon him, there is a model of moral sustenance without account, and in the story of Dhul-Qarnayn is a model of material and moral sustenance without account.  

Sixth stop:

The Almighty said: {He provides for whomever He wills without reckoning.}He makes every human being to be polite, if he sees others have been given more than him; Because he does not know the wisdom of God in it. And there are people when God gives them a blessing they say: "Our Lord has honored us." And when he robs them of the blessing, they say: “Our Lord has insulted us.” And in that Almighty says: {As for a person, when his Lord tries him and honors him and grants him favors, he says, “My Lord has honored me.”} (Al-Fajr: 15-16) So, the one who considers the blessing as a blessing from God is mistaken, and the one who considers the robbery of the blessing an insult from God is also mistaken. The blessing is not a blessing from God unless God grants the servant the right to dispose of this blessing.        

Seventh stop:

It is also understood from the saying of the Most High: {And God provides for whom He wills without reckoning.}  He, Glory be to Him, does not like for a servant to estimate his livelihood by calculating the movement of his work only; The calculation of the labor movement of the slave may be wrong; An example of this is the farmer who plants, and his livelihood is estimated by what he produces from the land, and perhaps a pest will come that will destroy everything, as it is noticed and seen, and the farmer’s livelihood at that time becomes from another place, he has never entered into his account. For this reason, a person has to work on the causes, but he does not take account of the reasons, and thinks that this is his sustenance; Because the sustenance may come from a way that was not included in his account, and the truth has said about that: {And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him a way out and provide for him from where he does not expect} (Al-Talaq: 2-3).   On the authority of Jabir bin Abdullah, may God be pleased with him, he said:  The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said: (O people! Fear God, and be gentle in your request, for a soul will not die until it receives its sustenance, and if it is slow, so fear God, and be gentle in your request, take what is permitted, and leave what is forbidden) Narrated by Ibn Majah with an authentic chain of narration.  

Eighth stop:

To the extent that the servant is certain of God Almighty, his trust in Him, and his trust in Him and what He has, his sustenance will be; God Almighty gave sustenance to Mary, peace be upon her; Because of the strength of her faith in God, the greatness of her trust in Him, and the completeness of her trust in Him, The Almighty said: {And whoever puts his trust in God, then He will suffice him} (Al-Talaq:3). To the extent of the servant’s obedience and his acceptance of God Almighty, he will be blessed in provision. The evidence for that is the saying of the Almighty God: {And if the people of the villages had believed and feared, We would have opened for them blessings from heaven and earth} (Al-A’raf: 96). The Almighty says: {And if they were upright on the path, We would have given them abundant water to drink} (Al-Jinn: 16).  On the authority of Thawban, may God be pleased with him, He said: The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Nothing increases in life except righteousness, and fate does not turn back except supplication, and a man is deprived of sustenance due to a sin that afflicts him) Narrated by Ibn Majah with a good chain of narrators.  

The ninth stop:

Sustenance in this world depends on worldly reasons. unbeliever, As the believer can master it, and whoever follows its path and seeks it out of its contempt, Allah will grant him sustenance. believer or unbeliever, and stumbles the way, God did not bless him, And He, Glory be to Him, is above the causes of translating the Wise. And the management of the All-Knowing, the All-Knowing, He is almighty. The affliction of many people is attachment to causes. and lean on it, and reliance upon it.

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